Sadhana Gita

Sadhana Gita

(Selection of verses from the Gita re-arranged for the sadhak)

The Mahabharata of Maharshi Vyasa contains several ‘Gitas’ other than the main Bhagavad Gita in it. These are: Brahma Gita, Purana Gita, Ashma Gita, Bhumi Gita, Kaama Gita, Brahmana Gita, Ambarisha Gita, Pitru Gita, Yama Gita, Narayana Gita, Manki Gita, Parashara Gita, Panchashikha Gita, Haarita Gita, Hamsa Gita and Vichakru Gita. All of these expound matters related to adhyatma.

In this compilation which I have called ‘Sadhana Gita’ I have distributed the selected verses from the Bhagavad Gita under following eight chapters:

  1. Divine Advice and assurances  (Read these again & again to find direction and to gain confidence)
  2. Who is this ‘Me’ of the divine assurances?  (Though indescribable, get to know about Him whom you have to attain)
  3. What is the nature of Atma/Purusha?  (The Supreme that you have to Realise is right inside you and everything else; understand this)
  4. Are you an accomplished sadhak?  (Do you have the qualities/characteristics/signs described here? If not, these are  your goals)
  5. What to do (path to travel) for attaining the ultimate state? (The paths and directions are clearly given by the Lord Himself. Understand and follow them)
  6. Calibrate or benchmark yourselves (your current state) (Find out which of the right, wrong or inadequate qualities you have and which you have to correct in yourself)
  7. Reasons for failure in attaining the Supreme (Know these well and overcome them)
  8. Clarifications on ambiguities/confusions/difficulties

This is because of my feeling that this order is a good sequence for a sadhak. Chapters 4, 5 & 6 are of course inter-related relatively strongly, though all others are also inter-related. Each chapter has several sub-headings under which the verses are compiled.

This compilation consists of less than 500 verses compared to about 727 verses in the complete Bhagavd Gita.

This is meant to be a ready reckoner for a sadhak who has already studied the Gita quite well in its normal & full form. In this version I have not included detailed commentaries of any of the acharyas or saints or scholars. The simple summary translations are of Sri Aurobindo. The reader can use any commentary that he/she prefers for the verses included here.

I hope this effort/experiment will not be considered a ‘sacrilege’ but something useful! I prepared it primarily for my own use and am sharing with others who see some use in it.

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Sadhana Gita

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