About Birth and Death

Mahabharata : About Birth and Death

Mahabharata : About Birth and Death is a brief compilation of the contents appearing in the great epic on the topics of Birth, Rebirth and Death including birth & death of certain important characters in the epic. The topic covers both philosophical aspects and to a limited extent the story aspect. However it cannot be said that I have included every passage related to these topics. Particularly deep philosophic discussions on these topics are not completely included here in the interest of limiting size & scope of this document. Interested readers can read the second PDF under Spectroscope called MB-Mokshadharma for more detailed and additional content.

The main ‘Headings & Sub-headings’ under which passages are compiled are:

  • Creation & Destruction of Universe
  • Birth: General, Birth & fate, Karmas & birth, Character & birth time, Status at birth and qualities.
  • Rebirth: Opinion/Views on rebirth, Effect of karmas done on rebirth, Innumerable birth cycles, Role of karmas in obtaining the four varnas, Story of Vyasa, insect and its rebirths, Conduct/nature & rebirth.
  • Specific cases of birth: Arjuna, Bhishma, Draupadi, Kauravas, Karna, Parikshita, Shikhandi & Vyasa
  • Death: Opinion/Views on death, What is mrityu, Types of death, Death as punishment, State of jeeva after death, Post-death states/lokas, Illustrative stories about death.
  • Specific cases of death: Abhimanyu, Bhishma, Drona, Duryodhana, Dushasana, Ghatothkacha, Karna, Pandavas & Vidura
  • Overcoming death & rebirth
  • On existence of jeeva
  • Vyasa reveals secret of all characters

I hope the readers will find the document of some use in their study on this subject.

I have extracted these contents from my other comprehensive & unique work on Mahabharata called MahabharataSpectroscope. The material in that is in the order in which it appears in the original epic and segregated across different broader topics.

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You can download the PDF here: (1.88 MB; 77 Pages)

About Birth & Death

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