Morality, Ethics & Conduct

Mahabharata : Morality, Ethics & Conduct

Mahabharata : Morality, Ethics & Conduct is a compilation on these topics from Mahabharata. While every passage in the great epic is not included in order to limit the size, most of the key representative passages are included here.

I studied the great epic, Vyasa Mahabharata, full time for 2 years. While doing it I created an extensive topic wise indexed content across about 20 topics. That document is called ‘Mahabharata-Spectroscope’. In it have Indexed, Compiled & Translated to English the material from the Kannada version. Please see the Tab ‘Mahabharata‘ in this site for more information.

This compilation has all material from Mahabharata-Spectroscope arranged by sorting sub-topic-wise and hence is more ‘User-friendly’.  

In the Mahabharata-Spectroscope it is arranged in the order in which they appeared in Mahabharata. The Section is called, ‘Neeti/Aneeti/Strategy related: General.’

In this compilation the sub topics are:

Achievement, Act based on context, Acting with anger & enmity, Advice, Charity/Generosity, Conduct/Character, Dangers/Difficulties: How to handle, Dharma-Adharma related, Efforts/Actions & its fruits/Results, Ego/Arrogance, Forgiveness: Right & wrong types, Good & Bad people, Good & Bad speech, Governance/King, Gratitude/Ingratitude, Greed, Grief/Grieving, Happiness/unhappiness, Hypocrisy: Make believe morality & ethics, Punishment, Relationship/Associations, Relinquishing/Rejecting, Sadachara (Virtuous conduct), Secret/Secrecy, Think & Act/Intelligence, Transience of things, Truth & Lies/Falsification, Wealth, Wisdom & Miscellaneous.

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