Mahabharata Spectroscope

Mahabharata Resource : Mahabharata Spectroscope

Mahabharata Resource: Mahabharata Spectroscope is a unique  Resource and is very helpful for studying this multifaceted great epic with dharma as the key aspect and four purusharthas as general focus.

As I studied Vyasa Mahabharata full time for 2 years (March 2014 to March 2016), I created this extensive topic wise indexed content across about 20 topics.

The source I studied is 32 Volumes–each volume about 550 pages–of ‘Shriman Mahabharata’ published in Kannada (a rich & classical Indian language) by Bharata Darshana Prakashana. These volumes are translated from the original Sanskrit verses & commentary is provided by eminent scholars under the guidance of Shri Shri Rangapriyamahadeshika swamy ji. They appear to have referred the publications of (i) Bhandarkar Research Institute, Pune (ii) Gita Press, Gorakhpur Edition (iii) Kumbhakonam Edition (iv) KM Ganguly’s English version etc.

I have Indexed, Compiled & Translated to English the material from this source . The contents have reference to the Parva, upa-parva, Adhyaya & shloka number.
Some of the main topics are: (1) Administration/Governance/Raja-dharma (2) Astrology/Astronomy/Event thithis/Panchanga (3) Architecture/Construction related (4) Character/Behaviour/Nature/Etiquette (5) Destiny/Fate (6) Draupadi related (7) Karma related (8) Medicine/medical related (9) Neethi/Aneethi/Strategy: Enemy, Enmity, war related (10) Neethi/Aneethi/Strategy: General (11) Notable References: Story related (12) Other Notable references (13) Philosophy/Vedanta/Varna-Ashrama/dharma (14) Philosohpy/Vedanta/Character – Questions asked (15) Philosophy/Vedanta: Sthutis & Sthotras (16) Social norms/Traditions/Beliefs: Marriage, Children, family related (17) Social norms/Traditions/Beliefs/Some sins & atonement: Other (18) Stories/Similes/Examples used for illustration (19) Strange statements/stories (20) Technology: References to flying & Vimanas (21) Technology/Science related.

A separate PDF has been created for the entire Moksha dharma upa-parva under Shanti parva which has near complete translation of the original contents. It is interesting to note that nearly 50% of this epic consists of discussions on core adhyatma shaastra

The document also has my own comments at some places and my observations on certain topics.

The document is available as two PDFs. It runs to about 1000 A4 pages.

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(For ordered individual topic/sub-topic based compilations on many of the above listed main topics see under Menus ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘More Compilations’)

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Reactions to Mahabharata Spectroscope

Some of the reactions received to this work Mahabharata Spectroscope at its various stages are given below:

“The index you have prepared is excellent. Your idea and effort is not only novel but also useful to many people. It is very useful and comprehensive companion to the Mahabharata. ”— Dr. M G Prasad, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

“What a wonderful Document! Thank you so very much for sharing this with me.. It is remarkable. What an achievement of such fine merit!” — Dr. Kevin McGrath, Harvard Univ, USA

“There is much to learn from your indexed content. I am going to read it again and again…..This is an amazing resource.”— Dr. Subhash C Kak, Okstate Univ, USA

“This compilation of yours is invaluable. Your are offering such a wonderful contribution to the study of Mahabharata….. I am awed and humbled by this wonderful offering you have prepared in glorifying the dharma and bringing great pleasure to Mahabharata scholars and bhaktas. ”— Mr. Andy Fraenkel, Project Mahabharata, USA

“Yes this is very useful — I can see a great deal of work has gone into it”— Dr. Christopher R Austin, Dalhousie Univ, Canada

“What an amazing resource! By providing clear translation of key verses, G H Visweswara has provided a gateway for depth exploration of the Mahabharata. And, what a labor of love! In scanning only the sections on Karna, what a wonderful service you have provided, with the take-away to revisit the original.”— Dr. Christopher Key Chapple, Loyola Marymount Univ, USA

“Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. It looks fascinating. This is a wonderful achievement and I heartily congratulate you on it! “— Dr. James Hagerty, Cardiff Univ, UK

“Your “spectroscope” is an impressive undertaking and can be put to good use. Thank you again for sharing this. I wish you all the best in your efforts to mine the wisdom of the Mahābhārata!” – Dr. James Fitzgerald, Brown Univ, Rhode Island, USA

“What a monumental work. Enjoyed perusing“– Prof. H.N. Mahabala, retired faculty of the IIT Madras, CSE Department

“I commend you for the miraculous and herculean work you have done by commenting on The Mahabharat. …. Yours is a scholarly work which requires reading, research, and much time and endurance…” — Dr. Laxmi Narayan Chaturvedi, MD, Ohio, USA and Author of a book on Gita.

“In my opinion, studying the epic is its own reward, but this effort of yours deserves something more. Your spectroscope has already proven valuable in my book on Rama Jamadagnya and I will … cite your work in the bibliography and the acknowledgements.” Dr. Brian Collins, Ohio Univ, College of Arts & sciences, USA

“Just had a look. Its a great service to humanity.” … Dr. Shrawan K Sharma, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, India and Director and Chief Editor for a Project on Encyclopaedia on Mahabharata

I have only had time for a brief look but it certainly seems that it will be a useful resource, and it is obviously the result of an impressive amount of work! I look forward to taking a closer look in due course. — Dr. Naomi Appleton, School of Divinity, Univ of Edinburgh

“Thank you very much, and congratulations! I can see that you put a lot of work into this. It will be very useful.” — Dr. Luis Gonzalez-Reimann,Univ of California, Berkeley, South & Southeast Asian studies.

  • I would like to thank you so much for your Mahabharata resource.  It is remarkable and so useful.  I am a Sanskrit teacher at St James School in London and I have used it extensively.  —  Elena Jessup
  • You have done a great job. It is exceptional and extremely beneficial. The focus on   dharma rather than on stories is what is needed. I am happy you did it like this. —Prasanth P
  • I was very impressed by the resources on Mahabharata that you have created and uploaded on your website. It is a very visible labour of love, an act of true karmayoga.  I specifically appreciate that by nature you do not try to judge or pass off your point of view as the best and/or only possible interpretation.  I also appreciate very much your command over languages, excellent translation skills and your subject knowledge that is the core of any good translation effort. — Rohit Nayar, Gurgaon, India. Ex-Engineer/ Management professional, coach, seeker.
  • Very Impressive and important work. Congratulations. – Rama and Madihally (Sim) Narasimha, California, USA.