Many Gitas of Mahabharata

Mahabharata : Many Gitas of Mahabharata

Mahabharata : Many Gitas of Mahabharata is a compilation of several Gitas other than the well known Bhagavad Gita.

While the Bhagavad Gita is the preaching of Bhagawan Shri Krishna himself, the other Gitas are attributed to many rishis, munis, scholarly brahmanas, devotee kings, devatas & even Asuras. These Gitas also explain the concepts of adhyatma, that is, Vedic philosophy. Many concepts are expounded quite well in these and can be useful references for understanding them clearly.

This compilation has the following Gitas:

  • Ambarish Gita (By great devotee king Ambarisha)
  • Ashma Gita (rishi Ashma to king Janaka)
  • Brahma Gita
  • Brahma Gita 2
  • Brahmana Gita (A Brahmana to his wife)
  • Haarita Gita
  • Hamsa Gita ( Prajapati in the form of hamsa–swan–to Saadhyas)
  • Kaam Gita (By Kaam, the god of desire)
  • Manki Gita (Manki muni to himself)
  • Narayana Gita
  • Panchashikha Gita (Great rishi Panchashikha to king Janakajana)
  • Parashara Gita (Rishi Parashara to king Janaka)
  • Pitru Gita
  • Vichakhnu Gita  (King Vichakhnu creating a statemt of goodwill towards cattle) and
  • Vritrasura Gita ( Vritrasura to daityacharya Shukra)

I hope the readers will find this material useful.

You can download the PDF here: (1.35 MB; 63 pages)

Many Gitas of Mahabharata

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