Record of Yoga

About Notes on & extracts from ‘Record of Yoga’ of Sri Aurobindo

This is a notes added extract from Sri Aurobindo’s work ‘Record of Yoga’.

The original book has about 1515 pages. In this, I have extracted & added notes to the following:

  1. Sapta Chatusthaya with their explanations. It gives an excellent way of progressing to the aspirant yogi. It also contains some interesting explanation of concepts of chaturvarna.
  2. Yogic Sadhan: A beautiful & very informative writing on the theory & practice of true Yoga;
  3. An informative discussion on ‘Evolutionary Scale’
  4. A few miscellaneous topics related to yoga and
  5. Some simple examples of Ashtasiddhi from his diary. The value add to the extracts by way of my notes is highlighting/underlining important sentences, adding topic titles within Paragraphs & chapters, in-line meanings of some words, important points listed as bullets etc. It is hoped all this will make the reading & understanding easier.

Their reading and understanding would be a great help to vedantins/yogis and those who want to do sadhana.

Any feedback is welcome.

G H Visweswara

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