Kena Upanishad

About consolidation of ‘Kena Upanishad-Commentary’ of Sri Aurobindo

In the currently available published version, “The Upanishads-II” (Published in 2001), the Translation and complete commentary of Kena Upanishad appears from page 5 to 98 in Part One. The “Incomplete commentary” appears from page 297 to 316. In my consolidation with added notes, Part One has been considered. I have included some parts of Incomplete Commentary in the main flow, where it does not affect the flow, but have mentioned page numbers to identify this. The rest of the Incomplete Commentary I have provided at the end, but have indicated in the main flow the point at which they can be read, so that it fits in with the rest of the matter.

The students will once again find that Sri Aurobindo’s expositions are so insightful, exhilarating & revelatory. Their appeal to the intellectual & rational mind is, as in all his works, irresistible. In particular I would like to draw attention of students to the topics on ‘Supreme Sense’, ‘Sense of our senses’, ‘Four functions of mind’ and the deeper analysis of ‘Sanjnana’. Reading these with understanding will not fail to result in a feeling of ‘delight’.

To help read and re-read Sri Aurobindo with better ease & comprehension, as a part of my notes, I have inserted topic & sub-topic titles in paragraphs & chapters, have highlighted  important sentences in bold / underline, have used bullets for individually listing some points, have added meanings of difficult/uncommon words in-line, have placed the original text (verses) & translations just before the commentary etc. These notes will help as points of stopping, pausing, ruminating, returning, referring, memorising etc.

Of course, reading his entire “The Upanishads-II” would be a very fulfilling experience.

G H Visweswara,

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