Trigunas – Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas

Trigunas- Sattwa, rajas & tamas  constitute the three gunas. This constitutes a central or key concept in adhyatma shastra and its clear understanding is essential to a scholar as well as to a sadhak. This compilation is  about these Trigunas.

The contents are taken from,

  • Bhagavad Gita (The main source)
  • Mahabharata, mostly from Mokshadharma parva which appears in Shanti parva
  • Sri Aurobindo’s work ‘Essays on Gita’

Special feature of Sri Aurobindo’s work is that for several aspects he describes what happens at the culmination of Sattwa, the point of transformation for going beyond trigunas.

This is about 50 A4 pages and has main topics as follows:

  • Understanding trigunas
  • Everything is trigunatmic: Under this topic the  the role of gunas is shown for following entities:  Ahankara, Behaviour/conduct, Bhavas (Feelings), Buddhi, Consequences/Effects, Daana, Dhriti, Dream state, Food, Happiness, Jnana (Knowledge), Karma, Karma-phala, Karta,  Level of persons, Manas Mind), Personality characteristics, Shraddha (Faith), Sacrifice Offered to, How sacrifice is offered, Tapas, Tyaga, Varnas, Yuga & Others.
  • On action/functioning of trigunas
  • Liberation and trigunas
  • Application of/working with trigunas
  • Sri Aurobindo’s treatise on trigunas

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All about Trigunas

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