Mahabharata : Morality, Ethics & Strategies in Enmity & War

Mahabharata : Morality, Ethics & Strategies in Enmity & War  is a compilation on these topics from Mahabharata. I studied Vyasa Mahabharata full time for 2 years. While doing it I created an extensive topic wise indexed content across about 20 topics. My document is called ‘Mahabharata-Spectroscope’. In this I have Indexed, Compiled & Translated to English the material from the Kannada version. Please see the Tab ‘Mahabharata‘ in this site for more information.

This work has all material from Mahabharata-Spectroscope arranged by sorting sub-topic-wise and hence is more ‘User-friendly’. The contents of this work can also be applied suitably to Corporate & Political wars and competition. It is about 45 pages.

In the Mahabharata-Spectroscope it is arranged in the order in which they appeared in Mahabharata. The Section is called, ‘Neeti/Aneeti/Strategy: Enemy, Enmity, War, Fight etc.’

The contents In this work  are arranged in the following order of sub topics:

Aggression/mercilessness as policy, Alertness/Readiness, Army & its men, Assessing own side & enemy, Behavior with the enemy, Destroy enemy completely, Ethics of fighting, Factors for victory in war, Spies/Secrecy, Strategies for attacking/destroying/gaining victory/Surviving, War is not the best option, Wisdom and Illustrative episodes/stories.

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