About Me – G H Visweswara

I, G H Visweswara, was born in September 1950. I have a B.E in Electronics from Bangalore and a PG Diploma in Computer Science from the renowned  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I have worked in very senior positions up to that of CEO & MD in the Information Technology industry, particularly in R&D for about 37 years. Now I am retired. (You can see more about my professional career at LinkedIn – under the name Visweswara G H)

My works

  • When I did the self-study of Sri Aurobindo’s works, I did some ‘value-add’ to his work in the way it is presented. Such ‘notes’ added and the their objective is described here for each in the Tab ‘Sri Aurobindo’s works‘.
  • I learnt Vedic or Hindu astrology by self-study and have published a few research articles & book reviews on These were reviewed by other expert astrologers prior to their publication. These articles are made available here under the Tab ‘Articles on Astrology‘. In the process of studying astrology, I have compiled the information in a Reference Manual which is 1000+ pages (available as PDF). It is unique in its structure, easy to refer and comprehensive in its contents.
  • For two years (between March 2014 to march 2016) I studied Vyasa Mahabharatha from an extensive source in Kannada (about 15000 pages) and created a document in English called ‘Mahabharata Spectroscope‘ with ‘indexed contents’, the detailed indexing being across about 20 different topics & the contents translated from Kannada to English. This is also available as PDF. You will find the details about this work in the Tab on ‘Mahabharata‘ here.
  • Compilations on various key topics based on Mahabharata can be found under the Tab ‘Mahabharata‘ and ‘More Compilations’. The list is updated whenever a new compilation is completed.
  • Next I did an in-depth study of Yoga Vasistha (detailed version by Swami Venkatesananda). I have now created my self-study version of this with  important passages highlighted, my comments and notes.
  • Now I am studying Advaita Vedanta through Upanishads and prakarana granthas mainly using Swami Sri Paramarthananda‘s discourse transcripts and audio files of talks. From these, I have extracted and compiled a comprehensive collection of  key topics with proper editing and value adds . It is called ‘Selected Topics of Vedantha‘.

If you wish to get any of these PDFs please send me an email with brief information about you to .